Never stop dreaming

How can you create powerful landing pages that generate leads?

It's easy if you will follow a simple list of rules.

Don't require code skills.

Headline should be:

The lead must see what awaits. Match Advertising headline or Call To Action.

If you testing few Advertising campaigns just copy a page and fix headline/title (for match advertising headline).

The headline should be:

  • Interesting
  • Informative
  • Short & Sweet
  • Unique

Call To Action or

A form to capture leads

A user should trust your page to leave any personal information.

The key to a perfect form is making sure that it is collect the right information and Lead understanding why he or she should fill all the information.

But short enough that is isn’t a daunting experience. Keep it short - ideally, fields should be 2 or 3. Avoid sensitive personal questions and make it as easy as possible to use.

Mobile First

Mobile Optimization is very important!

Lots of people do websurf via their mobiles devices. And if your site not mobile optimized you will lose many Leads.

You can don't worry about Mobile Optimization when using ;)